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LX Electrical Accessories Products

LX Electrical Accessories supplies precision stamped metal products utilizing a wide range of materials such as Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, and Nickel Silver in natural finishes or plated, available in both single and continuous form.

LX Terminal Blocks are made from heat stabilized, flame retardant (Halogen free) 'AKULON K222-KGV4/X' using quick connect terminals.

The following products from our LX Electrical Accessories catalogue (1.3MB) are available in a diverse range of materials in natural finishes or plated.

As shown in our Catalogue pages, LX Electrical Accessories makes a wide and extensive range of:

Male Tabs

  • 4.8mm steel nickel-plated and brass male tabs.
  • 6.3mm stainless steel and brass quick connect male tabs


  • Fret lugs: fast reliable earthing terminations.
  • Element terminals, lanced and crimped terminals, female terminals, carbon brush, slotted, eye, spade, mounting hole type and insulation support terminals.
  • 2.8mm, 4.8mm and 6.3mm PCB male terminals for printed circuit boards.
  • Solder tags, made from natural brass or brass electro-tinned.
  • Terminal blocks, shoelace, bootlace and splice terminals.
  • Weld studs.

Other electrical accessories

  • Masonry cable clips.
  • Copper ferrules.
  • Copper links.
  • Half saddles.
  • Cup washers, flat washers, U-type washers and screws.

To obtain our catalogue (1.3MB), either download it or please contact us using the details on our contact page or the information request form to ask for further information.

'Proudly Australian'